California Blacktail

Jerry Springer

We are constantly looking for the toughest of all deer hunts, the California Blacktail Deer. Most productive property in California is owned privately. We are lucky to have a few of these ranches available to us. We offer three-day hunts that include lodging, food and transportation once at the location. Sizes of these ranches can range from 5,000 acres to well over 20,000 acres!

We have ranches here in California that participates in the PLM (Private Lands Management) program where we do quite a few habitat projects in exchange for special late season hunts that incorporate the “Rut” and “migration”. These hunts are very limited and sometimes sell out a year in advance. There is no draw for these “special” tags as we exchange an ordinary over the counter tag for one of these prestigious tags! These hunts usually take place in late October and continue through the end of November.