In California we operate nine private clubs with season long blinds and offer limited guided opportunities for ducks and geese. Our clubs are located in Willows, Richvale, Biggs, Colusa and Los Banos. The majority of our properties are rice blinds with 200 acres of natural ponds in Colusa. Additionally we have a 360 acre natural club in Los Banos that was started in the early 1920’s. The rice properties in the Sacramento Valley are located near Sacramento Refuge, Howard Slough, Little Dry creek, Grey Lodge and Colusa Refuge. These full-season blinds afford good opportunities to harvest Mallard, Sprig, Teal, Widgeon, Gadwall and Shovelers as well as Snow and Speckle-belly geese. Our property in Los Banos boarders the east side of the Volta Refuge, and offers great prospect to harvest Mallard, Sprig, Widgeon, Teal (green wing & cinnamon), Widgeon, Gadwall and Shovelers. On high wind days there are chances to shoot a few Snows and Speckle-bellies.

The private properties offer blinds that can hold 2, 3, and 4 hunters. They all shoot 7 days a week except Los Banos where they shoot three days a week (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday). The luxury of having your own blind is the freedom to set it up as you like and to come and go as you please. Most hunters wait until there is some inclement weather; the best hunting in the Sacramento Valley is when there is wind or fog.

Our limited guided hunts are available for three hunters for ducks and six-eight hunters for geese. We encourage booking after Thanksgiving to ensure prime hunting weather and allow the birds to migrate down from Canada. Our locations span across the valley and accommodations are within 20 minutes of the hunting grounds. Our lead waterfowl guide, Chris Hall, has over 20 years of field experience calling ducks and geese. He is extremely knowledgeable about our waterfowl properties and ensures that our clients have the best opportunity and experience in the field. Waterfowl season tends to start the third week of October and concludes the last Sunday in January. If interested in booking a hunt we recommend you schedule your dates a few months in advance.