California Waterfowl Hunt

In California we operate 5 private clubs with season-long blinds and offer limited guided opportunities with the owner in his private blind.

The rice properties of the Sacramento Valley are a natural feed area for waterfowl and our clubs are located next to State and Federal Waterfowl Refuges. These full-season blinds represent good opportunities at harvesting Mallard, Sprig, Teal, Widgeon, Gadwall and Spoonies as well as Snow geese and Speckle-bellies.

For the season-long enthusiast, we offer 2, 3 and 4-man blinds and we shoot 7 days per week. You can set up your blind and come and go as you please. Most wait for the inclement weather, as good duck hunting is better during windy or foggy weather.

For the day hunter, come and enjoy a beautiful day on the marsh with Ron Lara, owner of Western Wildlife Adventures. We offer a great day in the blind on a 300-acre club, 5 miles east of Willows, California. This three-man blind can handle up to 2 hunters along with the guide and his dog. Willows, is close and convenient to nice restaurants, fast food and motels.

Season dates vary, but generally start the third week of October and end in late January. For guided hunts we recommend waiting until after Thanksgiving when the weather turns bad.