Our fantastic 5-day waterfowl hunt takes place from homemade willow blinds in harvested grain fields. Peas are becoming a very popular crop grown in the area and it attracts thousands of migrating waterfowl. We have exclusive rights to thousands of acres, so finding a great location is never a problem.

Central Saskatchewan is the first “staging” area for birds migrating south from the Northern nesting grounds. Our most popular birds taken are Mallards, Pintail (Sprig), Canadian Honkers, Speckle Bellies (White Fronts), Snows and Blue Geese. Liberal limits include up to 28 geese (20 whites and 8 darks) and 8 ducks daily! Possession limits were recently increased to 3 times the daily bag limit!

Our hunters have the first opportunity to take birds that have not been decoyed! Hunting groups will not exceed 6 hunters to make every hunt a quality experience. Your hunting license as well as transportation to the hunts is included.

Motel reservations will be made for you but are not included in the price. Gun, ammunition, airfare, bird cleaning, food and tips are not included.

Special R/T airfare and vehicle rental prices from Saskatoon to Battleford are available through us.